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Bounce Back to Work: How Checkr is Giving Back

Checkr isn’t just about building a product. Helping applicants and companies navigate the often confusing and high stakes background screening process has been central to the company’s mission from the start.

In fact, Daniel and Jonathan, the founders of Checkr, articulated their commitment to this cause to me in the early days of Checkr, when the company was brand new and just a fraction of the size it is now. The idea of helping others played a central role in my decision to join Checkr -- which, nearly two years later, is still working to change the background screening industry in more ways than one.

Because Checkr serves companies across every sector of the economy, we have a unique view of the hiring process. This perspective gives us the opportunity to have an important and far-reaching impact on jobs in America.

So, we’re trying to work on giving back.


The Bounce Back to Work (BB2W) initiative, officially founded in February 2016, is comprised of individuals from various departments across Checkr - from Applicant Support to Engineering. BB2W embodies our effort to take action on the commitment to help everyone better understand the background check process and its effect on the job search for so many people.  

Since then, Checkr has hosted two events - one at Goodwill in San Francisco and one at the East Bay Community Foundation in Oakland - where we met individuals with prior convictions who had been screened by Checkr. During these events, we discussed the experiences they had with applying to jobs in general, and the background screening process in particular. Primarily, we were there to listen and learn.


They explained how background checks have gotten in the way of the job application process in the past. In some cases they felt employers had rejected their application without considering the context of their history or the steps they had taken since those prior events. They also informed the BB2W team of other services and resources available to them throughout various job placement and employment assistance agencies, sharing ideas about how Checkr and BB2W could help improve this process.

These early meetings have served to inform our future actions and narrow our focus on a few areas, particularly in providing online resources to help educate applicants about what they can do about their record and working with companies on new strategies for hiring applicants with records, so we can start affecting positive change in the near and long term.  We look forward to working with our customers and their applicants in the years to come.

And this is just the beginning.  Keep an eye out for more BB2W updates.

Golden Gate Bridge Photo by Rasmus Zwickson || Oakland Photo by Tony Webster || Trolley Photo by Jay Galvin

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