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Introducing Better Future: A free background check for everyone

According to recent research, nearly every employer conducts a background check as part of the hiring process. But many job applicants aren’t aware of what’s on their background check until they’ve been denied employment. For the 1 in 3 Americans who have a criminal record (as many as have a college degree), it can be the difference between getting the job they need or remaining sidelined from the workforce.

That’s why we’re rolling out Better Future, a free background check for consumers. For the first time, we’re putting jobseekers in the driver’s seat by giving them a clear view into their history and ability to take proactive steps to manage their background. This includes correcting any inaccuracies before they apply or interview for a job, which protects their identity against incorrect information that may appear in public records. In some markets, we can also connect consumers who have a criminal record with a free service to see they qualify for a reduction or dismissal.


“I believe everyone has the right to see their background check, not just when an employer runs one on you,” says Daniel Yanisse, Co-founder and CEO of Checkr. “Similar to the advent of the free credit report, a free background check can give jobseekers greater control over their financial future and help them unlock their personal potential in new ways.”

In addition to putting the control back in the hands of jobseekers, we’re also connecting them with relevant job opportunities based on their unique background. We’ve already partnered with several employers, including Adia, an Adecco Group company that helps workers find instant staffing opportunities, Farmgirl Flowers, organic grocer Good Eggs, and Imperfect Produce, America’s first major consumer brand for “ugly” produce. These employer partners keep Better Future free for consumers, while posting jobs and finding great candidates who are ready to work. In the future, we’ll be adding new employer partners and expanding to skills-based assessments and matching.

“We’re excited to partner with Better Future to expand our pipeline of qualified candidates,” says Ben Chesler, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Imperfect Produce. “The hiring environment has never been more competitive, and Better Future is a valuable new source for us to discover great talent.”

Ultimately, our goal is to make finding a job fairer and more transparent for everyone. To get your free background check today, visit Better Future.

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