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Central to any high-performing sales organization is a great culture, and the Sales team here at Checkr is no exception. Much of our sales culture is derived through the company’s core values with a particular emphasis on transparency.

In the world of sales you live and die by how transparent your organization is. A sales leader can’t provide proactive, meaningful, and effective coaching without transparency into his team daily activities such calls, emails, meetings, etc.

And I, as a Sales Operations professional, can’t even begin to generate an accurate revenue forecast without full visibility into all active opportunities in the pipeline. Pro tip: the trick of putting your finger up in the air and going with your gut doesn’t work in today’s modern sales environment.

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Bounce Back to Work: How Checkr is Giving Back

Checkr isn’t just about building a product. Helping applicants and companies navigate the often confusing and high stakes background screening process has been central to the company’s mission from the start.

In fact, Daniel and Jonathan, the founders of Checkr, articulated their commitment to this cause to me in the early days of Checkr, when the company was brand new and just a fraction of the size it is now. The idea of helping others played a central role in my decision to join Checkr -- which, nearly two years later, is still working to change the background screening industry in more ways than one.

Because Checkr serves companies across every sector of the economy, we have a unique view of the hiring process. This perspective gives us the opportunity to have an important and far-reaching impact on jobs in America.

So, we’re trying to work on giving back.

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